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Chhaupadi: The Banishment of Menstruating Women

Traditionally practiced in Nepal and India, chhaupadi is the act of exiling women during menstruation. Directly translated to mean “untouchable”, chhaupadi is derived from the Hindu tradition which stipulates that the menstrual process makes women unclean.

APRIL 29, 2016

Implications of Inadequate Menstrual Hygiene Management

Menstruation is a regular and healthy biological function for women of reproductive age. Despite being a universal experience for women of all walks of life, even women in high-income countries who have no limitations in their access to appropriate menstrual hygiene products dread “that time of month”. Menstruation has physical, psychological, and social implications for all women, but these implications are exasperated for women of lower socio-economic status.

ARIL 6, 2019

Menstruation Remains a Taboo in the Middle East

Menstruation remains a taboo throughout most of the world, despite being a normal and healthy biological function, that women universally experience for between 30-40 year of their life, totaling nearly 1400 days in any woman’s lifetime. The Middle East is no exception.

JUNE 9, 2016

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