Studies estimate that 1 in 10 girls will miss school during their menstrual cycle. To address this barrier to success, Half of Humanity is dedicated to providing women and girls worldwide with culturally appropriate feminine hygiene products. The importance of access to proper supplies during menstruation reaches much further than protecting women from infection - access to proper feminine hygiene products empowers women to continue their education, maintain regular jobs, and maintain their sense of dignity during a sensitive time. Displaced women and women in developing countries are in a particularly difficult predicament as they often lack the necessary clean feminine hygiene products, have little control over their environment, and often lack safe, private places to bathe and change these products. This poses a significant challenge to women who are reliant on reusable products to manage their menstruation, as they are unable to properly clean and dry their products.


As a result, a study revealed that 51% of displaced women in 2012 experienced symptoms of reproductive tract infections. We are working to go beyond bare necessity of providing women with sanitary napkins and to also contribute to women’s sense of dignity during menstruation.


To support this goal, our dignity packs include 28 thin sanitary napkins, baby wipes, two doses of ibuprofen, a bar of soap, a handwritten note that says “You are beautiful!” in various languages, and a small treat. Each of these dignity packs is accompanied by a medically accurate pamphlet to educate younger girls on menstruation and puberty.


In order to deliver these products to women worldwide, we partner with organizations working on the ground work in close consultation to tailor the necessary and appropriate products to be included in the dignity packs. 


We are passionate about promoting equality for women across the world. Through this simple idea, we aim to remove a significant biological barrier keeping women from success, allowing "half of humanity" to continue to live, study, and work without restriction from menstruation. 


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Half of Humanity’s work is dependent on the support of individual donors, such as yourself. Every donation matters. Thank you for contributing to this important cause!

We are committed to ensuring that all donations directly impact the lives of women worldwide. In order to keep operational costs as low as possible, we operate on a volunteer basis. All donations go directly towards the purchase of sanitary napkins, cleansing wipes, ibuprofen, and soap for women in need; distribution costs; and the legal fees that are necessary for Half of Humanity to operate and grow, so that we can maximize our impact. You can feel confident that your donation makes in impact on the health of women around the world.


Frequently AskeD Questions

What is the process for delivering feminine hygiene products?

We are so grateful to be working alongside partner organizations working on the ground worldwide. For example, Half of Humanity delivers to Syrian refugee camps and field hospitals through our partner organization, NuDay Syria and to schools in Tanzania through our partner organization, Nguzo.

What products are included in the packages?


Each package includes a one-month supply of feminine hygiene pads, baby wipes, two doses of ibuprofen, soap, and a handwritten note that says, "You are beautiful!" in the language of our beneficiaries.

What do you mean by "culturally appropriate?"

Half of Humanity is truly unique because of our culturally appropriate approach to women's health in various living situations around the world. Based on the cultural context of each group of women, for example, we may not send tampons because some women prefer to use feminine hygiene pads. In refugee contexts, we don't send reusable products because we take into account the living conditions and lack of clean water and private space to properly clean and dry such products. We are committed to sending only those products that will help women to feel comfortable, clean, and dignified.

How can I get more involved?

Send us an email through the "Contact" section of this website. We are always looking for volunteers and helping hands!


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